Thursday, February 12, 2009

Natural Homemade Foot Soak

A natural homemade foot soak is the perfect cure for tired and aching feet at the end of a long day. When you come in from a day at work or shopping very often your feet will be swollen, sore and tired. This is especially the case if you wear shoes with high heels, or do not get the chance to sit down much during your day.

A natural homemade foot soak can be as simple as a washing up bowl of warm water. You simply place your feet in the bowl and sit and relax for twenty minutes. The warm water relaxes your feet and they feel much better. By adding other things to the water for your natural homemade foot soak you can get increased benefits. The most commonly added remedy for tired and sore feet is peppermint essential oil, which as well as smelling delicious eases the sore muscles in your feet. After soaking your feet rinse them and dry them gently. This is a good time to rub moisturiser into your feet, or get some one else to do it for a relaxing foot massage. A foot spa is a good investment if you enjoy the process of natural homemade foot soaks; you can still add anything you like to the water and they massage your feet as you soak them.

Various other essential oils are commonly used in natural homemade foot soaks. Lavender or chamomile oils are traditionally good for relaxation, and lavender has good antibacterial and antifungal properties if you have a fungal infection. Tea tree oil has similar antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is perfectly acceptable to add a few drops of several oils, each with their own benefits to the natural homemade foot soak. For skin that is irritated half a cup of healing honey can be added to the water. It disperses easily in the warm water. For dry skin a cup of oats can be very beneficial in the water.

A natural homemade foot soak can have other benefits as well. Soaking your feet is a traditional way to remove toxins from the body. A special mixture of salts, herbs and essential oils is added to the water, this is known as a magnum bath. After you have soaked your feet for twenty to thirty minutes you will find that the water has become cloudy with the toxins that have been withdrawn from the body. There is sometimes even a slight smell of vinegar from the acid toxins that have been removed. The removal of toxins by a natural homemade foot soak improves the circulation and energy flow within the body leading to better general health. The magnum foot spa recipe should be used every night for a week, and then no more than twice a week.

The soles of the feet contain many pores and that is why a natural homemade foot soak is so effective. The removal of toxins may also provide some relief for sufferers from arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

The principal of toxin removal is also used in crystal healing and commercial foot patches are available with healing crystals embedded within them that will draw toxins from the body. The patches are left on overnight and users report dramatic results shown by the colour change of the patches. Herbal patches are available that give similar results. A natural homemade foot soak costs less and will give good results.

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